Visiting Speech Pathologists of Perth’s Northern Suburbs

Recent statistics tell us that one in five children aged 4-5 years have a language impairment. And one in ten children will have difficulties with reading and writing at school. These are children that will benefit from Speech Pathology intervention, and here at Grow Therapy Services, we find that a great way to help these children is in their home or school environment. In this way, the children are comfortable and can immediately learn how to apply the skills they are learning in their sessions.


Grow Therapy Services consists of home and school visiting Speech Pathologists working with children and their families in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. We don’t bring along many toys or resources to our sessions as we prefer to show you how you can utilise what you have at home to work on your child’s speech, language and/or literacy goals. Our practice is built on a strong culture of family-centred values and therapy techniques.


Benefits of having a Speech Pathologist come to you:

  • Children are in a familiar environment where they feel comfortable
  • Siblings can either join in sessions (where possible) or play with their own toys, rather than sitting in waiting rooms
  • You can see how your child’s goals can be embedded into your home and daily activities
  • Schools can work closely with your child’s therapist to ensure goals are being collaboratively targeted


Introducing… Our Newest Visiting Speech Pathologist




Meet our newest Speech Pathologist – Holly, she finished her Speech Pathology studies at the end of 2015 and is excited to be working with Grow Therapy Services. She is currently taking on new clients aged 2-8 years and has such a lovely, caring nature. Holly has a background as a children’s singing coach, and loves working with families. Read more about Holly here.




If you are unsure whether your child needs Speech Pathology Services, call for an obligation-free 20 minute chat with Alex, Grow’s Principal Speech Pathologist, or send us an email. Contact Us.

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