Speech Pathology at Home

 Grow Therapy Services provides all Speech Pathology sessions in the comfort of your own home. This enables us to tailor our activities and strategies to your child’s environment, and reduces the stress of going to a clinic.

Speech Pathology Services are available for children aged 1-12. We can work with children with any of the following needs:

Early Language Development (Babies/Toddlers)

Expressive Language

Fluency / Stuttering

Literacy/Pre-literacy/Phonological Awareness

Receptive Language/Comprehension

Social Skills


Auditory Processing Difficulties

Services always begin with an assessment session to gain a profile of your child’s skills, so that we can develop a tailored program. We can also conduct Language Development Centre (LDC) referral assessments.

Please refer to the Speech Pathology Pricing for costs and rebate information.