Chat to a Speech Pathologist for Free!

Here in the technology age, there is SO much information out there. A quick scroll through facebook as a parent will bombard you with numerous articles about how you should manage your child’s behaviour, the latest gadgets you should be buying, and opinion pieces from both ends of the spectrum on just about everything! As such, we are getting overloaded with information and it is difficult to filter through it to find the well-researched, high quality information that can guide what you do as a parent.

If you have existing concerns about your child’s speech, language and literacy skills, a trip to Dr Google is not advised, due to the vast amount of inaccurate information out there. And further still, if you don’t have concerns, but your child’s daycare centre or school has raised concerns about their development, it gets even more confusing.


This is why Grow Therapy Services is offering a free 20 minute chat with one of our qualified Speech Pathologists. You can book one of these chats and do it via the phone or a skype call. A quick chat to a speech pathologist can help to put you on the right path and make decisions about if and when your child needs speech pathology services. Our therapists will not seek to book you in unless it is absolutely necessary because we don’t like to make parents outlay unnecessary money for appointments – kids are expensive enough as it is!


Click the link above to book now. Alternatively, you can contact us via our Contact Page if you have a quick question, or would like to book your child in for Speech Pathology Services.

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